Voice Messaging

Deliver emails by voice and short voice messages over the regular telephone

This is no ordinary voice mail system. TLC uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech systems to deliver email to a senior’s ordinary phone by voice. In this way the senior can receive emails without the need for a computer.


Email has made it so much easier to keep in touch with each other. Often it takes only a few words to lift somebody’s spirit or mood. Just letting them know they are remembered and being thought about is more valuable than a lengthy phone call. If only one’s senior relatives would use a computer, keeping in touch with them would be so much simpler! Sending a brief email is easy and fast, but as mentioned before, it is very unlikely that the aging relative will be able to use a computer or even see the screen.

Every senior user has a TLC email address. When emails are sent to them, a call is made and the text-to-speech system reads them the message. They are then given an opportunity of replying, just by leaving a normal spoken message; the original sender then receives an email including the spoken reply. The same system can be used to deliver any type of general information.

 Short Voice Message Service (SvMS):

Often it would be nice just to send a quick message of support and encouragement, or just to say that ‘we’re thinking of you’, without getting involved in a long conversation. SvMS is a bit like SMS on a cell phone, (designed for sending short pertinent text messages), SvMS is similar, but sends short audio messages to a recipient’s regular telephone. The sender simply records their short message at TLC, which then calls the recipient and plays the message at a later time.

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