TLC – Voice Email


Email has made it so much easier to keep in touch with each other. Often it takes only a few words to lift somebody’s spirit or mood. Just letting them know they are remembered and being thought about is more valuable than a lengthy phone call.

If only one’s senior relatives would use a computer, keeping in touch with them would be so much simpler! Sending a brief email or text is easy and fast, but many aging relatives can’t use a computer or even see the screen.

TLC gives your aging loved ones an email address. When emails are sent, a call is made automatically by the TLC system, which reads the message to them. Your aging loved one is then given an opportunity of replying, just by leaving a normal spoken message. You then receive a return email, including the spoken reply as an audio attachment.

It’s simple and automatic! Just create your account and add your aging loved one’s telephone number. Their telephone number becomes their email address. Then add email addresses of family and friends who are allowed to send emails to your loved ones, pay online and then you can send emails in the normal way – easy! SEE HOW HERE