Reminders & Alerts

Provide multiple reminders and alerts about medication and other important procedures

Deaths from medication mistakes at home increased from 1,132 deaths in 1983 to 12,426 in 2004. Adjusted for population growth, that amounts to an increase of more than 700% during that time[1].

Seniors often have a complex regime of medication to keep up with. The taking of medication and other procedures often happen twice or more a day and can be different depending on the day of the week. It is important that the seniors follow the routine described on the medication, so as to keep the dosage at the level specified by their doctors. To make things easier, medication is often pre-packed into morning and evening collections of pills and capsules. Senior patients at home with memory issues often miss taking some of their medication, frequently for days at a time. The resulting disruption to medication dose levels at the worst can be very serious and at the best can reduce the effectiveness of their treatment.

TLC reminders and alerts allow automatic calls to be made at specific times of the day, reminding and urging patients to take appropriate medication or perform time-sensitive procedures. These messages can be text (delivered as voice) or actual voice recordings of a relative, friend or caregiver. (This service can also be of use for patients of any age with memory or cognitive issues.)

[1] 7/28/2008‐‐USA Today

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